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Sensible Mail is designed to offer the you an easy to use, readily available email service. For a subscription we offer the following features, plus we are willing to listen to our subscribers for new ideas that will improve our service. The yearly cost is £20.00 to register click [here].

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Key Features

No specific size limits - We do not specifically place a limit on your mailbox size. This gives both you and us flexibility. If your mailbox gets out of hand, then we will chat to you about it in the first instance.
Large attachments - we don't limit the size of the attachments you receive or send.
Webmail - access your email from anywhere in the world, from any machine
WAPmail - use your mobile phone to read, reply and send emails
POP3 - download your email to your PC, Mac or any other local machine
SMTP - our authenticated SMTP means you can send mail from anywhere as long as you authenticate yourself with our servers and you are using a valid address.
Use any email client - MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, Eudora, Firefox and other mail clients
Independence from your ISP. We provide SMTP and POP3, so if you change your broadband supplier, your email address remains the same.
Back ups - 4 times daily mirrored back up of your data.
Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam - prevents customers from sending and receiving computer viruses and threatening attachments to you.

Other features include

No adverts or pop-ups, no integrated adverts, just your email!
Email support
Personal and group address book
Custom signatures
Technical Support
Online Help and Settings information

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