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This page will provide you with as many settings and useful information as we can to help you use your email in anyway possible. If you think we have missed out something, then please let us know and we will add it.

POP3 Configuration

MS Outlook

Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express are commonly installed on PCs Here is an explantion of how you would configure Outlook to download your Sensible Mail to your PC. On some version of Outlook, these dialog boxes may differ in appearance, however the information you need to enter in to them is the same.

To begin the configuration, go to the menu 'Tools' and selct 'Accounts' . The following dialog will appear:

This will display all the email accounts, if any, that you have set up on your PC already. Click the 'Add' button and then select 'Mail' The following will be displayed. You should type in your name in the way you wish it to be displayed when an email, from you, arrives in someone elses inbox. When yoy have completed this field, click 'Next'.

Next, you need to enter your Sensible Mail email address. This will be the user name you registered with plus the domain name. So for example you may have registered with the username Jon118, so therefore enter '' in this box. You can see from our screen shot we have used a generic user name ''. Once you are happy that the user name in correct, press 'Next'.

The next screen deal with the location of the Sensible Mail servers. We won't try to confuse you with the technical details, but 'POP3' is the means with which you receive email and 'SMTP' is the means with which you receive email. You need to put in both the POP3 and SMTP boxes. (If you wish to use your ISP for outgoing mail then you would put there SMTP server details in the 'Outgoing mail (SMTP) server' box). Once you are happy with these settings, press, 'Next'

The next dialog deals with your login details. You need to enter your Sensible Mail email address, for example, and then the password in the box beneath. Click the 'Remember Password' tick box for added convenience and to save you from logging in every time wish to download your email.

The next screen will ask you to provide details about how you connect to the internet. If you use a dial up connection select the first option If you use broadband you may need to select this first option. If you use broadband or have a home network then you should chose the second option. If you want to choose your self then select the third option. The PC will usually make a best guess and select what it thinks is the most appropriate answer based upon previous use. Click 'Next' to continue.

If everything went to plan, you have now completed the configuration for using email with MS Outlook. If you are having any further problems then please contact Sensible Mail Support

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