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Sensible Mail is a an email service that allows you to obtain your email from any where, at any time by a variety of means. For full details of the service see a full description here.

Your mail, for example your.name@sensiblemail.com can be accessed using webmail, which is access to your email via a web browser; WAPmail, which is a specially written WAP site that your mobile phone can access; and via POP3, which is allows you to use an email client such as Outlook or Eudora to download your email to you local PC or Mac. Also you become independent from your ISP. If you change your broadband or dial-up account, then your email address remains the same.

Our WAPmail software allows you to access your mail whilst you are on the move. If there is something important that needs attending to you can read then reply to the email using your mobile phone. Along with SMTP (out outgoing mail server) this provides you with a very flexible service.

We offer you the ability to store large amounts of email on our servers. There are no specific limits on account size. However it is good practice to download email to your local machine from time to time to keep your inbox fresh. There will be no adverts integrated with your webmail, and we don't force you to have an email signature at all. In fact, feel free to make your own! That is the benefit of paying for a yearly subscription to this service.

We scan your email using our anti-spam and anti-virus software to make sure you don't receive annoying and unsolicited email. We also make sure that your email is checked at source for viruses,

which gives you added peace of mind and an extra layer of protection to your usual PC based virus checkers.

We give your webmail similar capablities to the email client you use on your local machine. You can create signatures, manage your contacts using an address book, set a vacation auto-responder (available beginning October 2004) and also contact us when you need help with configuration or are worried about mail delivery. Attachments can be sent and received without any size limitation. This is something other email services do not provide.

Above all else, we try to provide you with what you want. If you need anything, we are open minded and willing to listen to your ideas about how you want the service to run. That's not sales talk, that is how we like to work. All this for 20.00/year.

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